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Introduction to BevNET FBU

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The Rise of the Multicultural Consumer

Posted March 26, 2015 by Christina Ng

Multicultural consumers currently account for more than 38 percent of the total U.S. population and by 2044, the U.S. Census predicts they will become the numeric majority. For entrepreneurs, the shift represents a major opportunity to innovate and attract a rapidly growing consumer set that’s already altering the food and beverage landscape.

Adam Dash: Intellectual Property and Contracts

Posted March 26, 2015 by Christina Ng

In FBU’s final series of interviews with attorney Adam Dash, we focus on intellectual property law and contracts between companies and their employees and third party contractors. These two segments will help entrepreneurs better understand how to protect their brands and also shed some light on the importance of having a contract between themselves and the people they work with.

Grocery Shopping Habits: Food and Beverage Choices Foretell the Future, So Read the Carts

Posted March 25, 2015 by Sponsored Content

Food fights aren’t just for kids. Today’s food and beverage manufacturers and retailers are waging fierce battles for bigger and bigger pieces of the proverbial pie—and paying close attention to who’s buying what. And for good reason: what makes it into the shopping carts of the most powerful cohorts is the evidence they need to divine their business futures.

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How Can It Help You?

  • Avoid Common Pitfalls
    We've dealt with literally thousands of start up beverage and food startups since BevNET was founded in 1996. Our "Getting Started" section includes items for brand new food & beverage entrepreneurs.

  • Develop Your Product
    Learn about co-packers, flavor companies, ingredient sourcing, and everything you need to commercially produce your product.
  • Find Suppliers
    With the BevNET FBU "Supplier Finder," we've assembled a list of thousands of industry resources sorted by category. Everything you need to develop and manage your company.

  • Build Your Brand
    Building a product is one thing, but developing a brand is a whole other challenge. We've assembled several experts to offer their insight on the subject.

  • Fund Your Startup
    Raising money and funding your food & beverage brand is a hurdle for almost every entrepreneur. These segments help prepare you for finding and dealing with potential investors.

  • Distribute Your Product
    Regardless of how good or innovative your product is, you can't be successful without a sound understanding of how the distribution system works.

  • Legal, Regulatory, Labeling
    In today's world of functional beverages, there are countless regulatory issues that you need to understand. Here, we cover some of the most common issues.

  • Operate Your Company
    Once you've got the basics in place, it's time to operate your food & beverage company. Our featured experts help you set a structure for growth.