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A Shift in Habits: Americans Are Choosing to Eat at Home

Posted February 27, 2015 by Christina Ng

With restaurant industry sales rising to over $7 billion in the United States, who would have thought that Americans actually prefer eating at home? That’s what a new report, “The Evolution of Eating,” by national CPG brokerage firm Acosta Sales and Marketing is saying.

Adam Dash: Legal Counsel on Forming Your Business

Posted February 26, 2015 by Christina Ng

Starting a food or beverage business can be a very creative and exciting process, but it can also be highly technical, laden with administrative and, yes, legal hurdles. And while hiring a lawyer can be a stressful - and expensive -- process, it’s important to have the right kind of guidance when you’re making key decisions, like what kind of corporation to form for your business and what licenses and regulations you will have to comply with when your food or beverage brand launches.

Coconut Water Gets Company: Plant Waters Are On A Tear

Posted February 25, 2015 by FBU Staff

The benefits of coconut water have quickly catapulted the electrolyte-rich elixir from an exotic liquid sipped from the shell by locals and tourists to the epicenter of an entirely new beverage category: plant waters. And while coconut water continues to grow and evolve in the natural beverage space, which intersects with the similarly expanding functional foods category, it now has lots of company.

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  • Avoid Common Pitfalls
    We've dealt with literally thousands of start up beverage and food startups since BevNET was founded in 1996. Our "Getting Started" section includes items for brand new food & beverage entrepreneurs.

  • Develop Your Product
    Learn about co-packers, flavor companies, ingredient sourcing, and everything you need to commercially produce your product.
  • Find Suppliers
    With the BevNET FBU "Supplier Finder," we've assembled a list of thousands of industry resources sorted by category. Everything you need to develop and manage your company.

  • Build Your Brand
    Building a product is one thing, but developing a brand is a whole other challenge. We've assembled several experts to offer their insight on the subject.

  • Fund Your Startup
    Raising money and funding your food & beverage brand is a hurdle for almost every entrepreneur. These segments help prepare you for finding and dealing with potential investors.

  • Distribute Your Product
    Regardless of how good or innovative your product is, you can't be successful without a sound understanding of how the distribution system works.

  • Legal, Regulatory, Labeling
    In today's world of functional beverages, there are countless regulatory issues that you need to understand. Here, we cover some of the most common issues.

  • Operate Your Company
    Once you've got the basics in place, it's time to operate your food & beverage company. Our featured experts help you set a structure for growth.