McLean Design, Inc.

Address1401 North Broadway
Suite 220
Walnut Creek, CA 94531
United States
Phone(925) 944-9500
Last Updated12/13/2013
Capabilities None Specified
Description Fiercely innovative.Brutally honest.Obsessively creative.McLean Design creates invincible brands.The way we see it, branding and packaging is the core of your business. Your package is the most elemental expression of your brand, the physical manifestation of its most primary essence, the one piece that consumers can actually hold in their hands.Understanding our partners, their products, their unique needs, and most importantly, their consumers’ subconscious desires, allows us to identify and create truly compelling solutions that are engineered to penetrate and enrich consumers’ lives.We take up arms with businesses of all sizes, in every category, each and every day, from start-ups to global heavyweights. More than a team, we are a group of highly-trained specialists united by the common compulsion to create triumphant brands. Our success, like yours, is measured by consumer attachment, market share gains, and bottom line results.Twenty-plus years have taught us a lot. Namely, that branding and design aren’t for the faint of heart.And we wouldn’t have it any other way.