Attack! Marketing & Promotions

Address367 Ninth Street
Suite B
San Francisco, CA 94103
Last Updated12/13/2013
Description Attack! Marketing & Promotions is your turnkey solution for Events & Non-Traditional Marketing. From simple event staffing, to complex multi-market programs and full campaign development, Attack! is YOUR AGENT ON THE INSIDE.

Attack! is a nationwide brand communications agency, specializing in events and non-traditional marketing. Attack! provides clients with full service campaign development, execution & reporting. With over 300 satisfied brands to-date and more than 35,000 registered talent reps nationwide, Attack! Marketing delivers your brand message into the hearts and minds of your target audience.


  • Christian Jurinka - Managing Director, Client Services - 415.433.2499
  • Andrew Loos - Managing Director, Staffing & Execution - 323-454-4472 x224