MidAmerica Lists Inc.

Address4837 1st. Ave SE
Suite 203
Cedar Rapids, IOWA 52402-3226
Last Updated12/13/2013
Capabilities None Specified
Description MidAmerica Lists Inc. is a full service Multi-Channel Marketing company located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

We have the largest profiled double opt-in Wireless/Mobile Marketing database in North America: 18.2 million cell phone subscribers in North America who opt-in to receive coupons, promotions and alerts that are relevant to them. Each record is truly multi-channel and features cell phone, email and postal addresses. 16.7 million are between the ages of 18-49 and have averaged upwards of 70% open rate and response rates of 25-30% on a regular basis (IN TEXT MESSAGE/SMS CAMPAIGNS). Email Campaigns average 9-10% open rates and 2-4% click through rates.

These individuals are ideal prospects for location based and retailer specific coupons, promotions and alerts for the growing beverage marketplace.

Please visit our Website: www.malists.com and click on New Products. It will take you to our cell phone database. Scroll down and click on the CELL PHONE POWERPOINT to view case studies.